What should I include?

submission guidlines

If you think you have a story you would like to share but don’t know what to include, feel free to look below for things we would love for you to include.

What should i focus on?

The focus of your post can be anything you want it to be. You chould focus on  the whole adventure from first symptom to post recovery, or you could choose to focus one a particular aspect that was unique for you. We would love posts that are about a single stage in the Open Heart journey.


unique experience?

If you have a unique perspective on your OHS story, we would love to hear it! Perhaps your surgery was a long time ago, we would love to hear about how your life has changed in the time since you earned your Zipper. Maybe your child had to go through OHS, we would love to hear your story! We value unique points of view and would love to share them. 

how long should it be?

We would like our posts to have some depth to them, therefore posts should be at least 200 words long, or the length of the screen you are writing on. If your story is not the proper length, we will ask you follow up questions and work them into the post to make it longer.

something to Keep in mind

We love unique perspectives, and it is OK if you do not believe yourself to be a good writer. We will edit your post if you would like us to. We want to be a platform for you to share your story! If you think your story will help even one person, that is more than enough reason to share it!

Ready to share?

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